Cum Eating Training – Eat your own cum three times for us

You’re such a horny little bastard. Start stroking your cock while we humiliate you a little bit. Let’s face it- it’s pretty pathetic that we need to show and encourage you on how to jack off!

You’re so disgusting and pathetic that you’re going to stroke your dick for us and blow your load not once, not twice but THREE times and eat it all up when you’re done every single time. Hopefully you’ve saved your appetite haha. – Taylor, Vanessa & Iva

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Cum Eating Training – Swallow it all for us

We see you looking at us and our hot tits. Yea we know you’re getting turned on and we see you reaching into your pants to start to stroke your cock. Where do you want to put that cock? Right in between our tits? Now you’re really getting hard, ROCK hard!

Look at these two sets of perfect tits as we compare them. Keep rubbing and stroking your cock up and down nice and slow thinking about our titties while you’re doing it. Start to rub it faster for us and you can cum to our tits in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, CUM. You’re not done yet bitch lick up your cum! That’s the price you have to pay for spilling your load in our presence. – Heather and Hollis

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Cum Eating Training – Ready to swallow your load for me

Whip out your cock and let’s see you stroke it nice and fast right from the get-go. Get the juices flowing and get everything nice and lubed up and hard for me.

Look at my amazing feet and nice suckable toes while you stroke that cock nice and steady for me. You look like you’re about to BURST so I’ll count you down slowly… – Kenna Valentina

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Cum Eating Training – Swallow Your Load For Us

What did you think we were going to do, just help you stroke your cock while we sit back and turn you on? We’ll do it but you WILL pay the price at the end. You will eat your cum at the end as the price to pay now whip out that tiny dick of yours and show us what you got!

We know it’s not much but get hard- you have two hot bratty girls in front of you. Let’s go stroke it like you mean it! Faster and faster when we count up from 1 to 10 you cum on 10! – Anna & Mandy


Cum Eating Training – Jizz in you palm and lap it up like a dog

You have been a good boy this week so I am going to let you jerk off your cock and blow your load. Take out your cock and slowly start stroking it. Now faster. Faster! Make sure you tell me when you are going to cum? Getting close?

Now jizz in the palm of your hand and lap it all up like you are a filthy dog. -Jade Indica

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Cum Eating Training – You love jerking it and eating it

Cum on, get yourself ready go ahead and get your lotion and tissues. I know you keep them by your bed and that your only sex life is me and my videos. Haha what a loser you are who gets turned on by girls telling them to jerk off. You know what to do by now, get that dick of yours nice and lubed up! Come on I want to see nice, long, hard strokes with that cock.

Look at my sexy outfit I wore just for you. Imagine a nice pair of juicy lips around your cock while you stroke it for me. When I count to 5 I want you to cum for me. Ready? 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5! CUM for me. That’s a good boy now it looks like you have a little mess to clean up there. That’s right lick it all up! – Princess Anna

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Cum Eating Training – Is my bad boy all horny again

Look at you all hard as a rock, are you ever not horny? I guess I probably wouldn’t be either if I was you and I had a hot lady like me to look at. Of course you are going to have to pay for the view by eating your own cum after you masturbate right in front of my.

Go ahead and jizz in your palm, I want to see you swallow it all. -Carissa Montgomery

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Cum Eating Training – Seduced into eating your own cum

So you think I’m hear to help you jerk off don’t you? I’ll help you stroke your cock and bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm if you promise to do what I tell you at the end. I know you can’t resist an opportunity for a girl to tell you how to stroke it. Yea you’re hard already I can tell. Just talking about it gets you all worked up now whip it out loser!

Pretend that your hand is my hand and rub that cock of yours so it’s rock hard. Give me long, hard strokes and make sure it’s all lubed up. When I countdown to 5 I want you to fucking cum everywhere all over yourself. You ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 cum for your princess! Oh yea sooo good and so messy now get on your fucking hands and knees for me, we are NOT done yet. Scoop up all that cum you just blew and eat it up. Lick it all up for me! -Princess Anna

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Cum Eating Training – Finally Allowed to cum but…

I can see that your balls are aching badly and you really need release don’t you? Unzip those pants of yours and take out your hard, throbbing cock! Come on show me what you got. Stroke it nice and slow and up and down right here in front of me.

That’s good! Now faster and twist your hand around your cock like this. You look like you’re ready, 3, 2, 1 CUM for me! Oh yea that was good lots of cum everywhere now eat it up! That’s right, lick all of it up – Kenna Valentina

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Cum Eating Training – Eat your cum for your hot roomates

Here we go you little perv start stroking that tiny dick of yours! Try some double handed techniques and build up that massive fucken load! We have a nice treat for you at the end but in the meantime keep beating it. Check out our sexy bods and imagine our nice, soft hands all over your cock. You can feel your dick pulsating and the blood rushing to the shaft.

Rub it faster for us and don’t take your eyes off of us. You ready to cum? Cum NOW. OH YEA it feels so good. Let it all out like a good boy. Now lick it up! That’s right lap your cum up. – Taylor Raz & Summer Day

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