Cum Eating Training – Shoot your load and eat it for me

I am your sex life. You sit there in front of the computer and jerk it for me all day and night. I completely own you so go ahead and take or your dick I want to see you masturbate for me.

Tease your balls a bit and play with the tip of your dick until your rock hard for my body on your bed. – Randy Moore

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Cum Eating Training – Jerk your dick right in front of me

I’ve noticed you have been watching me again today. You’re always peeking in my window when I’m in the shower and I can see you jerking your dick. Do you think I’m amused? Do you like what you see? My perfect body, tits and tight ass for you to masturbate to. Go ahead and pull it out, yea right now in front of me and let me see what you have. Start stroking it nice and slowly for me. I give you permission now grab your balls and squeeze them and continue to jerk off.

You feeling nervous? This is quite fun for you I can tell. Keep going now faster and faster and you can cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and CUM. YAY you blew your load all over now lick it up! You didn’t think I was going to let you jerk off in front of me for nothing did you? Lick it all up and tell me how it tastes. Good boy now get out of my sight! – Nikki Masters

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Cum Eating Training – Don’t you want to cum all over my feet

Hey there you little foot slut. Why don’t you pull your cock out and masturbate to these cute feet. Why don’t you just start jerking it, stroke up and down, so you can eat your warm juicy cum for me.

You’d love to cum all over my feet but I’ll make you eat it instead! – Goddess Shea

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Cum Eating Training – Lick the cum off our perfect toes

Look at our big fuzzy socks they are so comfy! Don’t you wonder what they feel like on your dick? Let’s tease you a little bit and slowly peel off our socks to reveal our perfect size 8 bare feet. We know you can’t hold it in so start stroking it you foot fetish loser.

Keep going looking at our feet, soles, arches and toes. You can’t get enough of our feet all over your face and jamming our toes down your mouth. Stroke it like you mean it up and down up and down. Cum for us on the count of 10 and clean up your mess afterwards! – Danica Logan & Taylor Raz

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Cum Eating Training – Its dinner time you little bitch

Unbutton your pants and whip that pathetic dick of yours out. Now drop your pantsto the floor and take off your underwear too. Put your cock in your hand and start stroking it nice and slow, nice and slow. Go get some lube and go up and down like a good boy.

Starting to get hard? Are you getting horny? Jerk that cock like you mean it now! You’re not allowed to cum until I get to 1 and then I have a little surprise at the end. I hope you’ve saved your appetite 😉 – Natalie Laine

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Cum Eating Training – Eat your cum for me

I see you getting all hot and hard looking at me and my sexy body. I give you permission to take it out of your pants and massage it soft and gently. Keep going following my motions.

Masturbate like you mean it! Stroke that cock and you can cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 CUM for me. Ahh nice now you’re going to have to clean up that mess. – Danica

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Cum Eating Training – Making you eat your own cum

I know you’ll do anything for me and my feet. Consider if your lucky day while I stick my feet in your face and make you worship them. Take your dick out and start masturbating for me. You’re going to stroke it nice and good and when you are allowed to cum you will gobble it all down.

Keep going and just imagine how good my feet feel, taste and smell. Your dick just keeps getting harder and you keep getting hornier for them! Keep going now cum for me CUM ALL OVER! Gobble it down loser. – Ember Skye

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I bet you’ve thought about eating your own cum haven’t you? I think you want to lick it all up on my command and be humiliated. You’re that kind of a loser.

Start stroking your dick for me while admiring my perfect body. Come one I want you to get nice and hard and jerk off your cock so you can explode all over the place and lick it up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 CUM now for me! Now lick all that cum off your hands and stomach! Ewww that’s so pathetic but you love it. – Carissa Montgomery

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Cum Eating Training – You ready for a little dessert

Go ahead loser and unzip those pants of yours. I want to see your cock get all hard for me. You know how sexy I like in any outfit! Start stroking that dick for your princess. I control your every thought and want you to do as your told loser!

Keep going hurry up faster and faster stroking your cock but don’t blow your load just yet. You need to make it last. I’ll give you your countdown and you can lap it up at the end. – Princess Ashley

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Cum Eating Training – How does your cum taste

Look at all these feet you have in front of you. You’re begging and pleading to get your mouth on them aren’t you? You’re getting hard and you should be. You’re lucky that three mean bitches like us don’t step on your hard dick and crush it!

Haha whip it out and let’s see what you have. Our feet are so soft and smoothe. You just can’t stop staring and stroking! Keep going little bitch we want to see you cum all over our feet and lick it up! -Hollis, Heather, & Shea

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